Friday, September 30, 2011

How I spend my free time

Dear readers,

the past two weeks, I've spent all of my free time watching YouTube. Yes, YouTube. Not just YouTube, in fact, but vlogs. Or v-logs. Or video blogs. Or video logs. Your choice.

I'll tell you my favourites here, because they're really worth watching!
My favourites are the YTF group, the Yesterday Tomorrow Forever group. They are quite famous on YouTube, and now I discovered them too!

My favourite: Ryan Higa. He has two channels on YouTube: NigaHiga and HigaTV.
Nigahiga is a popular YouTube channel created by Japanese-American Ryan Higa (born June 6, 1990 (age 21)). Since relocating to Las Vegas to study filmmaking at UNLV, Higa's videos are either solo efforts or videos with other people such as KevJumba. They are known for their YouTube comedy videos, which have been viewed over 940 million times. As of September 2011, Higa's YouTube channel, nigahiga, has over 4.4 million subscribers, and is the second most subscribed YouTube channel of all time, surpassed only by RayWilliamsJohnson. [from Wikipedia]
 So, you can imagine, he's really cool. He has many different 'shows', like Skitzo (in which he and his three other personalities have discussions and stuff), Off the Pill (in which he -as he explains himself in the first episode- doesn't take his ADHD-pill, to give us his thoughts about subjects like weird people, Bieberfever, feminists, ...), How to series (in which he tells you how to be ninja, gangster, emo), Movies in Minutes (in which he and his friends act a movie in a few minutes) and many more! All of these are really comedic way! Or should I say an absolutely hilarious way!

Other members of the YTF group are Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval (theDOMINICshow), Kevin Jumba (KevJumba), Chester See (chestersee), JR Aquino (JRAquinomusic), Victor Kim (victorvictorkim) and Andrew Garcia (andrewgarcia).

D-Trix is a great dancer, makes music and makes comedic videos too. KevJumba does comedic videos and vlogs (and uses his dad too, because his dad has become quite popular thanks to his vlogs). Chestersee and JRAquino are both really amazing singer-songwriters! VictorKim is a great dancer, makes songs and vlogs. I didn't see Andrewgarcia yet, but I'm sure he'll be amazing too.

All of these YouTubers work togheter quite often too. They've become friends through YouTube, which I find really great! Many of the songs they make, are the result of great teamwork and growing friendship. It's great to watch them have fun togheter!

NIGAHIGA's HOW TO BE NINJA (I saw this one years ago, when he didn't have any other videos on there, and two weeks ago I saw his latest rant about the 'that awkward moment that' hype, I was thinking 'I know him, isn't that the guy from how to be ninja? So I looked for how to be ninja, and appearantly it was him. So I'm just saying, you'll remember this one for ever! ^_^)

Please stop by at:

I hope you all have fun with these, I really recommend to check them out.

Write you later!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The politics I was talking about in my first post!

Dear readers,

Since I'm really bored, I'll tell you about the politics in Belgium.

First of all, they're speaking about splitting Belgium, because of the language issues. The Flemish and the Walloons can't get along for some reason (this is mostly just politics, but some people really 'hate' the other-language-speaking-co-inhabitants-of-Belgium).

Flemish can't stand Walloons because they don't want to learn Dutch and we, Flemish, have to learn French from when we're 10 years old. Also, the Flemish can't stand the Walloons, because their tax money goes to Wallonia for the biggest part. So simply said: the Flemish have to pay for the Walloons. Those are the 2 most important reasons why Flemish people can't stand Walloons.
Then they argue about a few cities around Brussels (known as B-H-V, which means Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde). Now -or at least before they 'solved' the problem- these cities don't really have an official language, but they ARE part of Flanders. So now, the Walloons want these cities to be part of Wallonia, AND they want Brussels to be both part of Flanders and of Wallonia (which is nearly impossible to me). So this B-H-V is what caused our little country to have the title of 'longest time a country can't form a government' (or something like that, it's really a World Record, we surpassed Iran), I think we have no government since May 2010 or something.

Now, 2 weeks ago all papers were full of 'B-H-V has been split'. And so I read the article about it, and seriously, even my dad didn't understand how or what. There were 2 things that were going to change, something about reforming the senate and something about the mayors. But really, we didn't understand why they had to negotiate for 1,5 years to just decide these stupid things and saying that the problem was solved.

Of course, you could have expected. The people who live in these cities got on the streets the very next day, to protest. Because once again, politicians didn't listen to what the people want. And so, some German paper decided to compare Linkebeek (one of the cities there) with the Gaza Strip (the article is in my wall photos but it's in Dutch). I mean what the hell, comparing some city in Belgium with this War Zone. I mean what was he thinking?

So yeah well, that's basically the situation in Belgium…

I wonder why I know these things, I don't care about politics... I should get a life…:D

Write you later!

Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting! ^_^

Dear readers,

today I wrote about a page about Belgian politics, and I was really surprised of myself. I don't know anything about politics in fact, and I don't really care. Some people say though, that I should become a politician, so I can make the world a better place. But I don't believe in politics. Money and themselves, is all politicians seem to care about. And since I'm not that kind of person, I won't become a politicians. So that's obvious.

Now, why I am telling this, you ask? Well it's just to give you the reason I started this blog. I just want to tell you about my everyday life, Belgium, my plans, supercool things I find and want to share with you and so on.

So I just want to thank you all for stopping by, and reading this. And if you like what you see, you can follow me. Yeah follow me!

Okay so thanks for visiting and hopefully you'll read my blog, because this is just some kind of introduction thingy.

Write you later!