Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy dream

Dear readers,

I had the craziest dream ever. Really, really weird. Knowing that our dreams are only a few seconds of our sleep, this was a pretty long dream.

I don't remember where it started but one moment we were in the car in some distant land. There appeared to be some rebellions who didn't want any foreigners so they would kill them. All of the sudden, some rebellion got his gun to my head, and right when he was about to shoot, he got interfered and distracted by the police. The police arrested us too, but we could escape to a place where the foreigners were still welcomed. To our big surprise, Ryan Higa (NigaHiga) and Kev Jumba (KevJumba) were there, and they (a kinda forgot how) invited us to their appartment. Appearantly Spudgy (eatyourkimchi) and some others from the YTF (check them out!) were there too. So I hung out with these really cool people and had to be in their new youtube video.

Really really weird if you would've dreamt it yourself!

That's all for today. Check out my previous post too, because I need your help! Thank you!

Write you later!

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