Saturday, October 8, 2011

School work :(

Dear readers,

I don't know what to write, but since it has been a week already, I should really write something!

I got many assignements, groupworks and stuff, so I don't have anything fun to say.
For English, I have to know everything about an English-speaking country. I chose Hong Kong.
For Geography, I have to do groupwork on a region from a list, where we develop a trip to this destination. Since Sophie already had an assignement on Hong Kong and I was going to do one on that too, we picked Hong Kong again.
For Art, I have to talk about a UNESCO world heritage, and I chose to do that about the old city of Kyoto.
For English, French and Spanish integrated, we have to do a groupwork on how touroperators in Great-Brittan, France and Spain promote our country.

So yeah, I've got a lot of work to do! Oh and then there's the groupwork where we have to start our own tourist company. I really hate that one...

This is it for today.

Write you later!


  1. Van verveling geen sprake daar.

  2. Ik geraak er niet eens meer aan uit, aan al die groepswerken! Maar hey, het leuke is dat ze nog redelijk interessant en nuttig zijn. :D

  3. Ik ben er precies zelfs nog vergeten ook. :p