Friday, October 14, 2011


Dear readers,

I need your help. Again. This time it's not something serieus. It's fun!

In a few months, my room will be painted again and I'll get new furniture too. Now I'd like to add a little extra to my room, with the cool wall stickers. The problem is, I can't choose! So, I'll need your help to choose the coolest stickers! 

Japanese girls
Two little birds (white and red on black)
Two little birds (black and white on red)
Curly tree with peace bird

It's only these five, but since the aren't that cheap, I can't choose all of them. As you can see, my walls will be red and black. Not really black. More chocolate color. The colors look different on the screen unfortunatly.

So, if anyone likes a specific sticker, let me know! Vote vote vote!

Thank you!

Write you later!


  1. Mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar de derde (rode achtergrond).

  2. i like the japanese girls and two little birds ( white and red on black) it looks cute. hehehe

  3. Thanks for helping me choose! ^_^ I like all of theeeem! :D